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If you love being creative with videos The Plastyctoy might be something for you.

It is a browser based media aggregator that allows performance and manipulation of most cloud based and machine based, live and recorded video content.

The Toy allows you to mash/mix virtually any video/graphic source you want, currently available sources are Youtube, Vimeo, Giphy, Twitch, Mp4, GIF/PNG/JPG.

In a basic sense, it is a Visual Mixer.
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About - History

The Plastytoy is something that I have been developing in some form or another for about 20 odd years.

It was first a Flash application that I used while I was VJing in Melbourne and New Zealand in the early 2000s. The concept was simple, I needed to be able to hit key on a computer in a dark room with no lighting and have the visuals react to that key press.

That V1 Application was basically creating visual chaos, and combined with other analogue VJ equipment we would create something very different each time we played.

This product is the culmination of experimentation and my experience in the audio/visual realm. It brings something that is maybe little bit different to the table.

What it has evolved to from that first application is something that creates relatively random visuals, great if you like mashing Videos and images together.

About - NOW

I use this tool to add visuals to Toxic Glitter's live shows, make videos. I also produce crazy one-off still imagery. For example all imagery on this site was made solely by The Toy.

But what you do with it is really up to you and your imagination.

Joining & Subscribing

Joining is FREE and you can play with a very simple Plastyc, and to open it up you have to subscribe. I use Patreon to manange all the subscribe guff, its a secure way of handling payments. If you subscribe, you will be supporting me develop this thing further.

I am only one man, with no backing other than my own.

Membership Levels

There are five levels of The Plastyctoy. Each level opens up more and more functionality which allows you to learn how it operates without it being to daunting.

I recommend starting at the first level, which will aways be free, you'll be able to the basic concepts in that level.
Psst, down here.

Starter Membership

This is the starting point to your journey, it allows you to create an account, then you can play around with the demo content graciously provided by Darkroom already loaded for you.

The Performance tool is limited, but you can still have a bunch on fun. Included options:
  • Two Layer Video Playback
  • One Read Only Youtube Set
    • Darkroom Visuals
  • Four Video Blends
  • Zoom

Basic Membership

Basic Plastyctoy Membership gives you the ability to have a good little play around with different content, with some extra video blend and Animation Sets.

All Starter member options as well as:
  • Seventeen Video Blends
  • Add Three Animation Sets
    • Vimeo
    • Youtube
    • Giphy
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Intermediate Membership

The next two levels really start opening up all the possibilities what The Plastyctoy can do.

Intermediate Plastyctoy Membership opens up the performance side of the software and lets you really sink your teeth in.
  • All Basic Member Options
  • Colour Controls
  • Colour Blend Control
  • Six Animation Sets

Advanced Membership

Advanced Plastyctoy Membership opens up the software almost full control of the software.
  • Basic & Intermediate Options
  • Animation Presets
  • Layer Move
  • Delete Sets
  • 12 Animation Sets
    • Youtube Playlist
    • Self Host MP4
    • Still Image (jpg/png/gif)
    • Mixed Set - any combination of all sets
    • Twitch
Psst, down here.

Pro Membership

Pro Membership opens up the software full capabilities.
  • Basic & Intermediate & Advanced Options
  • MIDI Control
  • Advance access to any new features
  • 20 Animation Sets


Become part of The Plastyctoy universe.
I would love to see what you do with it.